Throw Content. Into The Air.

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A completely new way to share content in real world interactions.

How do you share content with 50 people during a presentation? Printed handouts in 2015? Still emailing others in the same room?

Just throw content into the air and make it available to others nearby.

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Extremely Simple.

Just select the text, link, photo, contact, or document. Tap Share. And that's it, shared content is instantly available for browsing and downloading within your Bluetooth LE range* - only to people who know the item’s password, or publicly to everyone. No profiles, no contact info, no groups and no set up; you simply see and manage content in the air around you. Disable sharing or turn off the app, and your content is no longer available.

*Bluetooth is used only for broadcasting content info into the air, Internet connection is used for content upload and download. That is why Viggo can successfully manage complex interactions with a large number of people and a large amount of content.

Yet powerful.

Photos. In the air.

Instantly share the Photo with friends sitting at your table. You won’t have to collect email addresses or create a group for people sitting right next to you ever again.

Or throw a Photo album into the air, and others in the same room can browse, and download only the Photos they want.

Collaborate on a whole new level.

Now you can share your PDFs and any other kind of Document directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. Wherever you are.

Collaborate on a whole new level with Documents and Links floating in the air above the meeting table.

More than a business card.

Easily share your Contact, Link to Connect on LinkedIn and Link to Follow you on Twitter with people you’ve just met.

Presentations. Events. In a new way.

Share any type of content in real time with your audience.

Or throw Links to polls, surveys or any other kind of online form into the air and get audience input instantly.